Coffee production the heart of the company

Each bean in an Ottolina coffee blend contains a unique and unmistakable flavor thanks to the accurate selection of fine origins, that are skillfully roasted according to the traditional techniques of the art of roasting.

Green beans, where everything begins

The coffee bean is at the origin of our work, a small treasure and precious ingredient that gives life to our blends. We travel to the lands of tropical climates where the coffee plants come to life as they flower, and the small green berries, ripening in the sun, turn red, originating the best beans. 


This is where our master roaster enters the scene, the expert figure who knows how to recognize the finest beans and unearth the lesser-known ones, skillfully balancing them to create blends with a unique and inimitable taste. 


At Caffè Ottolina we purchase raw materials directly from the producing countries and we choose our trusted partners with care and rigor. This is how each cup of our coffee includes the essence of the world’s best production.

Raw material

The roasting process

At Caffè Ottolina, roasting is the real beating heart of the company. Although most of the operations are nowadays entrusted to automated processes, it is still our master roaster, with his continuous and constant supervision, who keeps this ancient, daily recurring process alive .


The result of this commitment translates into production batches that are subjected to rigorous organoleptic tests to always guarantee the highest quality and perfect consistency of the product in the cup.

The roasting process

Coffee packaging

The packaging
of coffee

Innovative packaging techniques preserve the quality of our coffee. Our production is organized to ensure the product retains its original freshness: we keep a little stock for local customers, while the rest is processed on demand.


We are also committed to environmental sustainability, using state-of-the-art equipment to reduce emissions, adopting eco-friendly procedures for recycling packaging and production waste, and implementing energy efficiency programs.