Professional services for bars and cafeterias

Caffè Ottolina is proudly proposing a full range of services for coffee professionals in order to give them the best tools for a successful venture.

Our offer includes a wide selection of high-quality branded café products and merchandising accessories to reinforce our corporate image. We can also supply reliable equipment with the relevant technical assistance, professional training held by the best experts in the industry and customized solutions for external distributors and retail chains.

Please see how our services can contribute to the success of your business.

Additional products

Each bean in an Ottolina coffee blend contains a unique and unmistakable flavour thanks to the accurate selection of fine origins, skilfully roasted according to the traditional techniques of the art of roasting”.

Merchandsing and Brand Identity

A full range of accessories is available to our customers so that bars can be massively branded to reflect the Ottolina identity: high-quality porcelain cups, disposable paper cups apparel, table and counter accessories and many other details for your shop. The Ottolina involvement is strongly enhanced by these details and a positive and unforgettable experience will remain with our consumers.

Equipment and Service

Our long relationship with the best manufacturers of professional equipment allows us to give our professional customers the optimal outfit for their business. Also we can introduce our customer into our trusted network of services technicians. This set up is the first assurance that our customers’ operation is working at its best to ensure optimum performance at all times.

Professional Training

AICAF-certified coffee masters are our tool to provide the best  coffee training. Courses can take place at the customer’s point of sale or in our company training center. Certified training covers a wide range of topics, including the rules for making the perfect espresso and methods for cappuccino preparation and decoration. A particular focus is on practicalities for the baristas that assures they are prepared for every possible situation they will be asked to face. Investing in staff training is crucial to ensure our professional customers receive quality service and meet end-user expectations.

Solutions for distributors and retail chains

Our flexibility and experience from working with large international groups enable us to work successfully with customers of different sizes and markets. We can guarantee customized offers for distributors and structured organizations in Italy and worldwide, adapting our range of products and services to meet the specific needs of any market.